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Your new website will be professionally designed and created using custom graphics and text, all with your business in mind. We build clean, easy to navigate websites, certain to make your company stand out from the ordinary.


This special is not some cookie-cutter, factory-made template type website that is identical to thousands of others, just with different words. All our work consists of custom, one-of-a-kind creations. Before we get started we will confer with you by email, phone, or even in-person if you're located in our area of central Connecticut.


If you have an idea of what you would like your website to look like we can work with you from your suggestions. Or more often than not, we will work with little or no input from you. A lot of our clients come to us knowing they need a website but not really sure what it should look like, or where to get started.


If you would like to leave everything up to us that's fine too, a lot of our clients do. We've designed and built hundreds of websites for a wide variety of clients. If you choose to let us develop it for you we will post samples for your approval as we go along, and of course we will present the completed version to you for your approval before anything goes "Live" on the web.

Our Website Special Consists of the Following:
Registration - for the Domain Name of Your Choice (www.yourchoice.com) - - PENDING AVAILABILITY

Home Page - The Home Page is as a rule, the first page that your visitors will see. We all know how important a First Impression can be! Therefore your home page should contain some basic information about you & your company along with a sales pitch to persuade your visitors to spend more time and look closer at what you have to offer and why they should do business with you instead of someone else.


This page consists of images and written text. The images can be supplied by you, or can be something we select from an almost unlimited supply of high-quality royalty-free images that are available to the trade. You can supply the wording for a more personal touch, or we can write something up for you. Or more often than not we will work with some key contributions from you that we rephrase into a refined message.


About Us -&- Products/Services - In addition to the Home & Contact pages you will also receive 2 additional pages. These pages can be used for any purpose that fits whatever circumstances are unique to your business.


The most common pages are "About Us" and either "Products" or "Services". However if you own a restaurant, for example, you would probably want to have your menu in place of the Products page.


The About Us page is basically a page that you can use to tell your visitors something about your business, and if it applies, something about your history, in particular if it's a family owned business or a long established company.


But of course the most important part is to put in plain words why you're the BEST at what you do, and why they should use you instead of the rest.


These pages will usually consist of several pictures from you, or stock images, as well as written text. Of course it's always best if you know what you want to say and send us the text in an email or on the form we provide. If you don't have written material for your website we can write something up for you, a reasonable amount of copy writing will be included in the special.


Contact Page - This page will list all the standard methods of contact including email, phone, fax, skype, Facebook, or any other method you would like to include. Wherever feasible the links such as email, Facebook, etc. would be "Live" clickable links. All details are optional, if for instance you have a Brick & Mortar location we can include driving directions & an interactive Google map.

Six Months Free Hosting - 6 mos. Website & Email Hosting is Included.*
     (Hosting is the space reserved on the web that stores the files for your website.)

Email Hosting - Up to 5 Individual POP Email Boxes (includes SPAM & virus protection).


These are complete mailboxes, each can hold up to 1 gigabyte of data. You can access your mail on-line with our "SmarterMail" software or use any email software such as MicroSoft's Outlook, or Mozilla's Thunderbird as well as most other email programs available.


You can assign these mailboxes to different people in your organization, or to separate departments. Most people just use one, such as info@ -or- sales@yourdomainname.com. This gives your website a more professional look than having a link such as joe2013@yahoo.com. If you choose, your email can be forwarded to any existing address, for example: joe2013@yahoo.com.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Your website will be built with the proper codes to insure compatibility with Google and the other major search engines. We have been creating websites since before Google even existed, we have spent a lot of time studying the manuals and help files for Google and all of our code is hand-written to provide the correct format to get you the highest ranking possible.


To make sure your new website gets noticed we will submit it by hand to all the most important search engines, including the most popular sites such as Google, Yahoo, & Bing to name a few.


Additional Work - We are a full service website design and advertising firm. If you require more than this special offers we are able to handle your every need, no matter how small or large. We offer everything you need to be successful on the web, from custom graphics to database programming, and everything in between, and all at a competitive price.


Please Contact Us if You Have Any Questions
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  *Hosting is $99 per year. If you find a cheaper hosting service, we will match their price or let you host it with them & credit your special $49.50.
  *We do not create or host adult websites.

*Money Back Guarantee - As soon as we process your order (within 1 business day) we will contact you to discuss your requirements and explain exactly what we will create for you. We may include a rough draft of what your website will look like. If you are not 100% satisfied with what you will receive from us, we will cheerfully refund, in full, any deposit you have made. It will cost you nothing and you will be under no obligation to pay us anything, ever.


For More Information Please Contact Us by Phone or Email    (860) 343-9381    info@wired-web.com    Middletown, CT

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